Things went fast for the 27 year old Dane - Daniel Goldman. Although he showed a pronounced interest in music already in a young age. He was very musically - playing several instruments, exploring many genres and finally fell for electronic music in 2008. As a young DJ he soon created his own sound.

Summer 2009, the music becomes an essential part of his everyday life. He buys equipment and creates his own studio and the inspiration from the german parties keeps coming.

In the year 2010/2011 Naturalize began to work with his friend, and together they maked a project called Spectroscope. They didnt release any tracks, before they decided to work more serious with their own projects. After the "break-up", in the early 2011, Naturalize becomes a part of a big label in Germany (Prog On Syndicate), and the Naturalize project starts for real again.

After a few releases, especially after the unique, emotional track, "In Memory Of a Friend", which was realesed on "Progstorm 3" in the beggining of year 2012, the project grew bigger and got more people interested.

The releases was unstoppable. In the beginning of 2012, he release "Its like a dream EP", with 3 tracks ("Dont Lie", "Its Like a Dream"and "Plan Goldman"). Naturalize also releases alot of tracks on several compilations that year. After the releases, the attention got more intense, which meant that Naturalize now was a part of the international scene.

Not even 1 year later, in the beginning of 2013, the “Twisted Dance EP” he delivers with Estefano Haze, ranks a first and second place in Psyshop’s top 100 downloads.

Modern World is the latest EP release from Naturalize. It contains 2 tracks ("Survive this world" and the successfull track "Fanjazztic"). The EP is what he call "mind-music", making you happy with a mix of jazz and modern progressive offbeat, which is funky and full of energy.

So stay tuned with Naturalize's releases and previews.

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